Pavé the peacock has arrived in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and he’s ready to party! In “Viva Festivale with Pavé,” Pavé comes to players’ campsites seeking festivibees — insects that’re attracted to various-colored “featherbloom” flowers players can plant in their gardens.

Players who catch enough festivibees can exchange them for flower-themed furniture and kaleidoclovers, the latter of which will help them out during the “Shamrock Shimmy” seasonal event. Not sure how to take part, or looking for a complete list of all the rewards you can get from participating? Look no further!

Note: This event takes place over two parts — Part one beginning Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. PST and part two beginning on Mar. 3 at 10 p.m. PST.

The entire event will conclude on Mar. 10 at 9:59 p.m. PST.

Planting featherblooms

When you first talk to Pavé outside your garden, he’ll hand you five p.-featherbloom seeds + and five b.-featherbloom seeds for free. This will allow you to fill up 10 out of your 20 garden plots. Need more seeds? No worries — fulfilling camper requests and Event Challenge Timed Goals will bestow you with more and more seeds so you can keep planting more and more featherblooms. You can also buy from Lloid, if so inclined.

In your garden, select an empty plot and plant the featherblooms you wish to grow. Pink featherblooms will attract waltz festivibees, blue featherblooms will attract tango festivibees and orange featherblooms will attract both ballroom festivibees and samba festivibees.

Catching festivibees

Once your featherblooms have completely bloomed, festivibees will start flocking to them. You’ll receive an alert when your festivibees are ready to catch. Once you do, head on down to your garden, select a plot with a festivibee on it, and hit “Cap. Many.”

Sharing festivibees

An almost necessary way to finish any gardening event on time is by sharing with your friends! Head over to your Friend List, hit “Details” on whichever friend you’d like to share with, and hit “Share” beneath “Garden event on now!” if they have any plots to fill. If the “Share” button isn’t grayed-out, you can select how many of each festivibee you’d like to share with them, with their needed amounts indicated above. In return, you’ll receive some seeds related to the color creature you shared to plant in your own garden!

Alternatively, you can tap “Visit Player,” then “Garden,” and fill them up directly. If they don’t have any plots available for sharing, you’ll simply see the message “Not Now.” At their garden, tap a plot with fully-grown bleeding hearts and no festivibees, then hit “Share.”

Garden Packs

Need a little pick-me-up to help you finish the event? Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is also offering two limited-time-only Leaf Ticket bundles, the Flowery Festivale Pack S and Flowery Festivale Pack L.

The Flowery Festivale Pack S will give you 100 Leaf Tickets (80 + 20 “bonus” ones) and 60 Flower Food for $3.99 USD.

The Flowery Festivale Pack L will give you 600 Leaf Tickets (417 to 183 “bonus” ones) and 160 Flower Food for $20.99 USD.

Flower food will speed-up the growth of your featherbloom plots, allowing you to collect festivibees sooner after planting.

To buy the packs, hit the “More” icon in the bottom menu, then navigate to “Leaf Tickets.” The new packs should be front-and-center!

Part one rewards

Now it’s time to check out what those sweet, sweet prizes are! The column on the left indicates the task you have to complete (ie., catch three waltz festivibees), while the column on the right shows you the reward you’ll get for completing the goal!


Task 1-1Waltz festivibees x 3


x 3

Task 1-2Waltz festivibees x 6

Pink Butterfly Lights

Task 1-1Waltz festivibees x 10

Sporty EssenceAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp sporty essencex 3

Task 1-4Waltz festivibees x 15

Petal Chair

Task 1-5Waltz festivibees x 25

Cute EssenceAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp cute essence

x 3

Task 1-6Waltz festivibees x 32

Kaleidocloverx 3

Task 1-7Waltz festivibees x 40

Petal Chair

Task 1-8Waltz festivibees x 50

Cool EssenceAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp cool essencex 3

Task 1-9Waltz festivibees x 65

Pink Butterfly Lights

Task 1-10Waltz festivibees x 80

Petal Chair

Task 2-1Tango festivibees x 3

Kaleidocloverx 4

Task 2-2Tango festivibees x 6

Pink Flower Patch

Task 2-3Tango festivibees x 10

Natural EssenceAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp natural essencex 3

Task 2-4Tango festivibees x 16

Petal Chair

Task 2-5Lemon heartbeatles x 20

Rustic EssenceAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp rustic essencex 3

Task 2-6Tango festivibees x 24

Kaleidocloverx 4

Task 2-7Tango festivibees x 30

Petal Table

Task 2-8Tango festivibees x 38

Hip EssenceAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp Hip Essencex 3

Task 2-9Tango festivibees x 48

Pink Flower Patch

Task 2-10Tango festivibees x 60

Petal Table

Part two rewards


Task 3-1Ballroom festivibees x 2

Kaleidocloverx 4

Task 3-2Ballroom festivibees x 6

Harmonious EssenceAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp harmonious essencex 3

Task 3-3Ballroom festivibees x 10

Elegant EssenceAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp elegant essencex 3

Task 3-4Ballroom festivibees x 16

Blue Butterfly Lights

Task 3-5Ballroom festivibees x 22

Kaleidocloverx 4

Task 3-6Ballroom festivibees x 30

Blue Butterfly Lights

Task 3-7Ballroom festivibees x 40

Modern EssenceAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp Modern Essencex 3

Task 3-8Ballroom festivibees x 50

Petal Fountain

Task 4-1Samba festivibees x 1

Kaleidocloverx 4

Task 4-2Samba festivibees x 3

Blue Flower Patch

Task 4-3Samba festivibees x 6

Historical EssenceAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp Historical Essencex 3

Task 4-4Samba festivibees x 10

Blue Flower Patch

Task 4-5Samba festivibees x 16

Kaleidocloverx 4

Task 4-6Samba festivibees x 24

Civic EssenceAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp civic essencex 3

Task 4-7Samba festivibees x 32

Petal Archway

Task 4-8Samba festivibees x 45

Red-Petal Stage

Hidden rewards

Note: These tasks are hidden and cannot be unlocked until all other tasks have been completed.


Task 3-9Ballroom festivibees x 60

Petal Archway

Task 3-10Ballroom festivibees x 75

Sparkle StonesAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Sparkle Stones

x 1

Task 3-11Ballroom festivibees x 90

Blue-Petal Stage

Task 4-9Samba festivibees x 55

Petal Fountain

Task 4-10Samba festivibees x 65

Sparkle StonesAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Sparkle Stonesx 1

Task 4-11Samba festivibees x 80

Yellow-Petal Stage

Any other questions? Need some general advice and/or tips? Head over to the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp events forum to start a discussion!

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