Complete guide to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #9

The ninth Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt has begun in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! This time, players are focused on collecting balloon gyroidite. Check out how it all works below!

How it works

Gyroidite Scavenger Hunts are pretty simple: Gyroidite is scattered across all locations on the map, from the lush greens of Lost Lure Creek to the glistening waters of Sunburst Island. Gyroidite can be found in trees, behind objects and even just lying on the ground. Animals can also reward you with it for successfully completing tasks, or you may receive them from Isabelle for finishing Timed Goals.

Once you’ve collected enough balloon gyroidite, head to your crafting menu (hit “Craft” on the bar at the bottom of your screen, then “Event” on the menu that appears) to start crafting those balloon-themed items and clothes! Here’s a full list of what you can craft.

Note: Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #9 will end on Mar. 28 at 10:59 p.m. PST, so make sure you finish quickly!

ItemRequirementsCrafting TimeCost
Floating Balloon Swing

Balloon Gyroidite x 200

10 Hours

4,800 Bells

Bunny Party Balloons

Balloon Gyroidite x 120

3 Hours

2,880 Bells

Bunny-Balloon Cushion

Balloon Gyroidite x 50

1 Hour

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp bells1,200 Bells

Bear-Balloon Cushion

Balloon Gyroidite x 50

1 Hour

1,200 Bells

Blue Balloon-Art HatAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp scarlet microphone

Balloon Gyroidite x 20

10 Minutes

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp bells480 Bells

Bear Party Balloons

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Leaf TicketsLeaf Tickets x 120



Pink Balloon-Art Hat

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Leaf TicketsLeaf Tickets x 20



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