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In WoW Classic : Is It What You Expected?

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Subscriber numbers for World of Warcraft Classics more than doubled. Despite the recent retail expansion of World of Warcraft that has failed to catch players' attention, the classic experience is a huge draw for World of Warcraft fans who love the game but are dissatisfied with its evolution over the years. In late 2019, World of Warcraft brings players back to the past. Looking back at countless extensions and patches over the years, Blizzard released the core, vanilla game, which was first released in 2004 - and made some upgrades here.

When World of Warcraft Classics was released in August 2019, servers quickly became crowded, making it difficult for players to complete missions in the entry zone because enemies were dying almost as fast as they were being created. Most importantly, there are performance issues due to latency. Players on some of the more civilized servers posted screenshots showing long, strange lines of politeness to kill quests. Because Blizzard greatly underestimated the appeal of this version of the game, the World of Warcraft classic version of the server queue reached several hours. Overall, World of Warcraft Classic has been a stunning success.

Many players said was never into MMOs growing up, but he becomes well and truly entranced by WoW Classic. One player on WOW Classic said he has been playing Night Elf Druid -- good at restoring talent and keeping a bit of balance and struggled through endless dungeons and endless climbs of Stranglethorn Vale. For long-time players of the game, this may not be a big deal. Level 60 is the traditional upper level, and this was the first peak of achievement in 2004 when the journey to level 60 was a 100-hour commitment to grinding - not a lazy afternoon at regular work.

There are countless players around the world who have not only achieved this goal, but have also achieved countless characters. Some dedicated players have multiple characters above level 60 because they need extra digital package space to accommodate all the fancy weapons and gear. These people obviously have more time than other players do.

It is almost impossible to find anyone with less level who wants to overcome these trials in traditional ways. Any chance to pass the classics is destroyed. For the foreseeable future, levels 1-59 are basically irrelevant, which is not a good news for most players. So level 60 is trivial to some players. For most players, this is a big deal. Therefore, for most players who doesn’t have too much time for these, I highly recommended WOWclassicgp. A website which can help your character grow rapidly in World of Warcraft Classic. If you are planning to wait you might have to wait for many hours only to get a restricted number of golds. The best solution for this problem is to buy Gold from It is the most reliable and cost-effective platform where you can Buy classic wow gold as you like at the most affordable rate.