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Considerations when Choosing Air Fresheners

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As expert manufacturers and distributors of professional and consumer Aroma Air Freshener we know there are many problems there could be found in lots of establishments open to public with charged atmospheres and unpleasant odors, that can easily be solved with the use of products like professional air fresheners.

How do you choose an air freshener? Before answering to this you have to think about two questions, what kind of aromas I need and if it is an intense or fresh aroma and what surface I want to freshen, depending on the meters and location we will use one diffusion method or another and this will guide us to acquire a determinate refill of air freshener.


There are four types of air fresheners you can use alone, or you can layer them for effectiveness in rooms that experience the most distasteful odors:

Sprays: The most common and least costly type of freshener comes in aerosol and non-aerosol spray cans and containers. Some cans may last for months, even if used daily.

Liquids: One of the newer categories, oil scents sit in electric plug-in bottles, diffusers, or automatic spray kits and are sent into the air sporadically to keep a room constantly smelling fresh.

Waxes: Another popular low-priced air freshener, these come as stick-ups and cones, with the fragrance infused into the wax. A wax cone can last for about 30 days.

Gels: These little jars of gel-infused beads attract and eliminate stale odors while also emitting a fragrance through the top of the container. They should be hidden from kids and pets that may think it's edible. A jar of beads may last for 60 days.


Air fresheners come in soft or stronger scents. The right scent for you depends on your preference and sensitivity. Even natural odor-eliminating products can emit strong scents. The benefit of an oil plug in freshener is that you can control the amount and timing of fragrance that's emitted into the air.

That is all about Considerations when Choosing Air Freshener , if you want to learn more or buy our Aroma Air Freshener , please click