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I am confident that woodcutting is an excellent career option.

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This is it. Now let's move OSRS GP on to the next question. What skill do you feel most comfortable with? The drop in cost of fishing has made it a less attractive option. Since the beginning of time magics have hovered around 1200 dollars. Leaf mining. Mining is what I think of from a financial perspective. 28 iron ores are far easier to collect and bank than the 3 mage logs. Create cannon balls while you are mining iron with your Miscellanian workers.

I did some calculations but couldn't find the answer. 47k granite. How did you come to this number? To get to 99, you'd need at least 168k+ granites. Although you could mine Runite against the .... good miners, 47k would only get the miner 85. Better start concentrating on getting to 99, not what you should do once you've got the chance... And If you choose to follow the traditional method to thieving: crack the wall safes 270 times, then change to knights... You would need 152,643 knights to reach 99 netting about 7.5m grams

I am confident that woodcutting is an excellent career option.

It took me a day or so to get 1k magic logs,sold em in 5 minutes for a cool one million coins.Not only that,but you figure that woodcutting has more of a market than the other skills,seeing there are fletchers,alchers,construction workers,and of course,merchants who will buy from you,and sell to their friends for higher.

Since there are hundreds of buy runescape 3 gold people selling yews, mages, and worlds 1-12 at seers, it won't take much time to make an income.