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[Closed] Welcome to the Crossing Station Forums!

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Hey, there! It's good to see you! Welcome to the Crossing Station Forums -- the central hub of activity for our site community. Here, you can participate in or start discussions about anything and everything Animal Crossing. That isn't to say you're strictly limited to Animal Crossing talk, though -- you can also discuss off-topic stuff or other video games, in the appropriate forums, of course!

Who am I, you might wonder? I'm Daniel -- Crossing Station's founder and site owner. I publish all news, editorial and informational content on the site. If you ever need any help with anything site-related, I'm always here. Just head over to my profile and shoot me a message!  😀 

Anyway, enjoy yourself here, and please read up on the forum rules before posting! If you're new, why not head over to the Introductions forum and say hi to everyone?

See you later!