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the rest of the division plays great football

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Defensively, Kansas City just  Mut 22 coins isn't great right now. The Chiefs "only" gave up 352 yards total to the Chargers in Sunday's game, but L.A. dropped 30 points on them . The Chiefs were unable to slow down or stop Justin Herbert and Co. in the end of the drive.

K.C. 's schedule is a little worrysome too. There are the Bills, Titans and Packers -and all three are starting to play some good offense -- could be in the mix over the next six months. The Chiefs are fortunate enough to have three quarters to play in the NFC East in the same period without having to face the Cowboys. Even if the defense fails to figure it out Patrick Mahomes' offensive and this offense could guarantee that they will win by a minimum of 3-3 throughout that stretch. The odds are as high as 5-1. That will be enough to not worry about this division for the next few months. This team is not without its faults however, the rest of the division plays great football

In a word. There's no doubt that they have talent However, they appear to be in a difficult spot in the present. This is what happens when you're chosen at the top tier of draft which is to be on a bad team. These young signal-callers are under severe pressure early in the season.

One aspect of the issue could be self-inflicted, since Next Gen Stats show Wilson and Fields in particular hold the ball too long according to NFL Media's Daniel Jeremiah.

This is in part due to mut coins personnel and scheme problems as well. Matt Nagy, the Bears starting quarterback, wanted Fields to play the role of "Dude who is a backer of Andy Dalton" rather than "Insanely Athletic First-Round Pick Behind a Bad Offensive Line." Fields took the initiative to ease his work. The pocket was moved. Remove him from the edge. Cut down the field by half. Utilize a variety of RPO's to shift the numbers to your advantage with an offensive line that is questionable.