Animal Crossing: City Folk

Animal Crossing: City Folk (called Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City in Europe and Australia) is the third main series installment of the Animal Crossing series and was released on the Nintendo Wii. The game debuted in the United States on Nov. 16, 2008, Canada on Nov. 17, 2008, Japan on Nov. 20, 2008, Australia on Dec. 4, 2008 and Europe on Dec. 5, 2008.

Animal Crossing: City Folk borrows heavily from its Nintendo DS predecessor, Animal Crossing: Wild World, with the same music, most of the same gameplay and the same “rolling log” perspective that first appeared in that title. Where City Folk mostly differs, however, is the addition of the city — a new area in which new shops and locations can be visited — and the return of real-world holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.