Early press materials for Animal Crossing reveal surprising placeholder character names

Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube

Early press materials for the original Animal Crossing game for Nintendo GameCube have been unearthed, revealing some surprising (and quite amusing) placeholder names for the game’s NPC characters.

Posted by John Ricciardi, co-founder of video gaming blog 8-4, the game’s first-ever English press materials show the early placeholder names for Copper, Pete and Tom Nook.

Copper, Pete and Tom Nook, called “Dog Policeman,” “Pelican Postman” and “Raccoon,” respectively, are among the selling points listed for the game, which had been released in Japan for the Nintendo 64 as Animal Forest in 2001 — over a year before its English debut.

“You need to buy a house from Raccoon at the beginning of the game,” the paper says about Tom Nook.

“Dog Policeman works at the forest police station,” it says of Copper.

While the early press materials don’t reveal anything unknown about the game today, they do illustrate a funny picture of how the very first Animal Crossing title was initially being marketed to an English audience.

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